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Who Am I

About Us/Me


My childhood home and adventures began on the beautiful wide-open central plains of Washington State. Over the years, whenever the journeys on my family ranch led to me getting thrown off my favorite horse or getting sick from playing outside in the winter, my mother brought me to our family’s doctor. I was always amazed at how well one person could know and understand the human body. Even in face of the most complex of injuries, we never underwent surgery and were not given any medications.


It seemed as if people of all ages and conditions would enter his office with the help of others, and leave healed, walking out on their own. As each and every life in my hometown was improved, miracles seemed to be happening! Little did I know at the time, that this was all the work of a vast knowledge and manipulation of our very own human body. Of course, this doctor was none other than a chiropractor!


Who am I now?


My fascination in the body’s ability to heal itself naturally through realignment inspired me to become a chiropractor myself and open my very own practice in the Washington area. I am so blessed to hear story after story of the lives that have been changed through chiropractic care, and how relief could be found here when hope was lost elsewhere.


With our lasting commitment to patient-centered care and hands on approach, never again do you have to endure the daily discomforts of chronic pain. Add years to your life and life to your years with South Hill Spinal Care.